Parent Mentor Project

  • The Parent Mentor for East Cleveland City Schools is Tellawanda Moore.  Ms. Moore can be reached at (216) 249-4261 or by email at


    The Objective of the Parent Mentor Project is to be a partner in creating a system of services and resources within school districts and communities to support families of children with disabilities. Through interaction and communication with families, school staff and the greater community, partnerships and alliances may develop in support of children and youth with disabilities.  Parent Mentors serve as a resource and liaison between families, school staff and the community.

    Through an understanding of special education processes in the district and personal experience, Parent Mentors support families to become meaningfully engaged in their child’s education. An understanding of parent notice, evaluation team reports and IEPs ensures that families receive accurate, basic information about the supports and services for children with disabilities. Providing assistance to families in understanding the questions to ask and the information to request, as well as sharing parent perspectives in meetings with school staff, will support common understanding, mutual respect and trust.