Chambers Community Empowerment Center

  • Department Roster

    Dennis Bunkley, Director of Systematic Integration and Alignment


    Faith Dickens, Parent Empowerment Center Coordinator


    Avis Graves, Parent Empowerment Coach


    Shelly Thompson, Parent Empowerment Coach


  • Chambers Community Empowerment Center (CCEC) is the transformation and technology hub of East Cleveland City Schools and the surrounding communities. CCEC exists to serve families and community members by partnering with them to identify and reach their personal and professional goals, while providing tools and resources to support the academic and career goals of our youth.
    Our Mission is
    TO HEAR the needs and desires of the community;
    TO HEAL from past and present inequities and injustices;
    TO HELP foster communication and collaboration between schools, families, and community members and partners and
    TO be a beacon of HOPE for an empowered East Cleveland!
    CCEC is YOUR premiere destination for accomplishing YOUR goals!